WordPress 4.0 – Benny

The new major version of WordPress was released yesterday, nicknamed “Benny”.

Although this is a ‘major’ version in terms of numbering, you’re not going to log into your site and expect to see something totally different, the majority of changes are somewhat specific to sections of WordPress, and unless you use WordPress daily, you probably won’t notice. These changes, though, will make a big difference to those power users who are working with WordPress every day.

Here is a brief overview of some of the changes:

  • Media library has been greatly enhanced with an endless grid, which makes it easier and more intuitive to browse your media on all devices.
  • Making lots of edits to lots of media is now a much sleeker process.  You can now make an amend to a piece of media, click ‘Next’, and continue editing.
  • The media library shows previews of rich media, such as videos and audio, allowing you to view what you’re editing.
  • Similarly with the editor, rich media (video, audio, YouTube links, Tweets, and lots more) will now show in the editor as you type, rather than needing to ‘Preview’ the post first.
  • The content editor controls are now sticky, staying on your screen even when you scroll lower down larger posts.  Now everything is where you need it, at all times.
  • A new plugin browser, allowing you to view more information that was previously only available from the WordPress Plugins site.