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Magento Go is no more

Magento Go

Magento, the e-commerce platform owned by eBay, has a hosted version of its software, called Magento Go.  Magento is notoriously difficult to host due to its fragmented architecture, and a hosting solution, even for a relatively low traffic Magento website can often cost in the hundreds of pounds per month.  That makes Magento Go very appealing to some store owners, as that headache is taken away – you just pay your monthly fee and forget about it.

It does come with some down sides though.  You’re highly limited as to what you can do with Magento Go.  There are only 17 extensions available to extend the functionality, most of which aren’t free.  Compare that to the tens of thousands of extensions available for Magento CE (the free, self-hosted version), many of which are free, and you can see how this could be limiting, especially for larger…