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The new PHP will be called PHP 7

The title says it all.  In a recent post I spoke about how I voted for the next version of PHP to be called PHP 7 over PHP 6.

In summary, the current brand of PHP is PHP 5.x, so the most logical next version would be PHP 6.x.  However, PHP 6 once existed, although it was never formerly released.  There are articles, blogs, and books available about PHP 6 and the then proposed changes.  PHP 6 exists, but the release never happened – but it does exist.  And that is what I based my vote on.

The vote has now closed and PHP 7 won, with a ratio of 58 votes for PHP 7 to 24 for PHP 6.

The PHP 6 RFC has the full vote breakdown.

Why I voted for PHP 7

The next iteration of PHP is getting closer, and the conversation currently hitting the internals mailing list is what that next iteration actually is; PHP 6 or PHP 7.

It sounds a little bizarre.  The current version is 5, so surely the next version is 6, right?  Well, here lies the problem.

Some background

PHP 6 was attempted some time ago.  There were numerous features pegged, but the big problem was Unicode support.  Cutting a (very) long story short; there were too many hurdles and it didn’t happen.  PHP 6 was shelved and many of the useful features already developed were merged into the 5.x branch.

PHP 5.3 was released in June 2009 and was a huge step forward.

So why 7?

There are a number of reasons:

6 existed.  It may not have been formally released, but it existed.  The next version of PHP is not…