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YASP – Yet Another Stats Plugin

I recently launched a plugin for WordPress, called YASP (Yet Another Stats Plugin).

YASP is pretty simple, as it was more of an experiment for me, allowing me to play with the Dashboard API of WordPress. YASP simply adds a widget to your admin dashboard that shows some useful statistics about your site.

The plugin is a more advanced version of the “At A Glance” widget that ships with WordPress, which shows the number of posts and comments you have.

Here’s a list of the stats that YASP displays:

Number of posts Number of pages Number of x (where x is a custom post type, so if you have ‘Books’ and ‘Movies’ as defined custom post types, YASP will show ‘4 Books’, ‘8 Movies’) Number of pingbacks Number of trackbacks Number of approved comments Number of unapproved comments Number of active plugins Number of active categories (an ‘active’ category is…